HP Sprocket Printers and how to install – Setting up the Printer

This document is actually for HP Sprocket Printers and how exactly to install and how to install the HP sprocket app for Android mobile and Apple iOS devices. To setup a printer for the first time for eliminate the printer and all packing materials from the box install the HP sprocket app, pair your printer and mobile device load HP Sprocket Printers and exactly how to set up then calibrate the printer.

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Step  A: Remove the printer from the box

Get rid of the printer from the box HP Sprocket Printers and how exactly to install remove any plastic packing material from the printer and for then recycle the packing materials.

Step B: Pair the printer and smart phone

Install the HP sprocket app on the mobile device and then pair your smart phone to the printer using the Bluetooth connection. The HP Sprocket Printers and how to install from your own smart phone.

Tap the Menu icon tap sprocket after which the tap Manage Printers.

A list of available Sprockets displays.

  • Should your printer displays the printer is connected.
  • In the event your printer will not display tap Add New Printer or then tap your printer.

Step C: Load HP Sprocket HP Sprocket Printers and how to install

  1. The Turn off the printer.
  2. Get rid of the top cover by sliding it away from the output slot or then set it side.

Step D: Calibrate the printer

the HP sprocket app to calibrate the printer with the Print Quality.

  1. In your mobile device open the HP Sprocket Printers.
  2. Through the home screen select, you wish to print.

If you are facing any difficulty with your printer you can contact HP printer support technician by dialing HP printer customer support number. HP Laptop Support. We provide HP laptop support for our customers all over the world 24×7 if you need any support dial HP laptop support number anytime.