What is the problem with American Taxation system?

There are various complaints which people have got with the American tax system and on 15th April, the tax day, the chairman of Online Tax Revolt tells that he wants QuickBooks Tech Support Number to rip out the tax from roots and replace it completely. He has got some complaints about the American tax system which are given below.

What is the problem with American tax system?

  1. Complex system

There is a big tax code regulations book of 67k pages approximately and that’s why it confuses people and the place where the money goes every singleyear.

  1. High priced

The people have to pay a lot of taxes every year and more than 300 billion dollars are spent on the tax paperwork alone.

  1. Deteriorate economy

The condition of the economy worsens due to an unnecessary amount of taxation imposed by the government on the people.

  1. Not fair

The married people have to pay higher taxes than the single ones and that’s why it is unfair for the people while beneficial for the government.

  1. Cost of Government is hidden

Now, the taxes are withheld from the paychecks of people and that’s why it hides the plain sight of federal spending and the relationship to the own earnings. The government satisfies its own political ambitions by taking money from people.

  1. Undermining of American companies

The companies which want to sell the taxes to the overseas need to pay taxes. American companies carry the second highest corporate tax in the world and that’s why it is quite a disadvantages to get the Made in America label on the products.

  1. Corruption

The taxation system of America is corrupt as more than billion dollars are spent in lobbying the tax code every year. This makes the congressmen powerful and the lobbyists become richer and then a taxation system with more loopholes is created.

  1. Cause disturbance

In earlier times, the government never used to pay attention towards the amount of money people earn but in these times, the government has become intrusive. The government can track every single amount of money we earn, save or spend.

  1. Takes away our income

People get the remains after the government collects the money from the paychecks. This means that the hard work done by people belongs to the government at first and after that, the people can take their share.

  1. Hurts customers and workers

The taxes never come out of the private accounts of CEOs but it is paid by the consumers and workers. Therefore, the taxes hurt the people who are not able to earn high amount of money.